Volunteer at Prime

Interested in supporting emerging talent in our tech community? Prime Digital Academy is looking for local software and design professionals to help develop entry-level newcomers. We look forward to introducing you to our group of dedicated beginners that are eager to learn from your experiences and perspectives. We're currently seeking speakers/panelists and volunteer mentors but if you had something else in mind you can reach out to us at to share your ideas for getting involved. Thanks for your support!

Be a Guest Speaker

The midwest tech industry is full of smart, talented people. Each week we welcome friendly volunteers from the local community to share their knowledge and passion though talks, panel discussions and Q&A's at Prime. Tell us the things you're passionate about and we'll follow up with you and find a way to connect you with our students.

Volunteer as a Speaker

Be a Prime Mentor

Mentoring is a fun way to help a small group of students orient themselves to the industry. As a mentor you’ll be joining a handful of students and several other mentors and committing to meet with the group bi-weekly throughout that student’s studies at Prime. The format is up to you - grab a beer, take a field trip to your office, hang out and share your perspectives.

Volunteer as a Mentor

Help Out With Mock Interviews

Please share your interviewing expertise, use this opportunity to give your team technical interviewing practice, or simply learn more about the abilities of our students. If you've met our students, you know that they are dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals. They represent a broad range of ages and professional backgrounds, so you may meet both first-time and seasoned interviewees. Help them gain interviewing experience and share your valuable feedback on how they can improve! Email us at partners@primeacademy.io to get involved.

Other Ideas?

We are always open to ideas from people in the community about how they can get involved with Prime students. Send us an email at partners@primeacademy.io and share your idea and we'll connect with you to follow up!