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Software is changing the world. Individuals with the skills to design and build it are now essential in every industry but there aren’t enough of these professionals to go around. Prime is proving that the midwest has an untapped army of smart, passionate problem solvers ready to change the world through software—we’re here to get them ready.

Working directly with local tech employers, we’ve created programs that equip emerging engineers and designers with the skills they need to make immediate contributions. Prime students learn modern technologies, practical methodologies and critical behavioral skills through carefully crafted curriculum and hands-on work on real world projects. Prime’s immersive programs empower learners from diverse backgrounds to begin their new careers in months, not years.

Full Stack Engineering

Prime’s full stack engineering course arms students with the skills and hands-on experience to develop complex software to solve the real world businesses problems.

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User Experience Design

Prime’s user experience curriculum provides students with practice in research, prototyping, and evaluation in order to design software that is usable and meaningful.

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What are people saying about Prime?

Minnesota Needs Software Talent

Minnesota was recently named the fastest growing state for tech jobs in America. The Department of Employment and Economic Development predicts that more than 200,000 new tech jobs will be created in Minnesota in the next decade. Competition for talent is already at or near all-time highs with negative unemployment in some areas. This environment has encouraged employers to embrace non-traditional sources for talent and discover the benefits of building a team with more diverse backgrounds. Prime is part of the innovative MSP TechHire coalition that is working to help Minnesota develop the talent businesses need while creating opportunities for groups underrepresented in our tech economy.

“Minnesota is a leader in technology innovation and education, and Prime Digital Academy melds these worthy pursuits as one” - Mayor Betsy Hodges from her proclamation of Prime Digital Academy Day in Minneapolis.

New Kansas City Campus

In 2018, there more than 3,000 unfilled tech jobs in Kansas City. Even though the tech industry in the area is one of the fastest growing in the nation, there just aren’t enough tech professionals to keep up with the demand. Prime Digital Academy is excited to launch a new campus in Kansas City to help train people looking to break into the tech industry with the skills they need to fill these positions.

How is Prime Different?


The rapid advancement of technology means that designers and developers are constantly asked to tackle problems they’ve never seen before. Accordingly, continuous learning in the face of ambiguous problems is a critical skill. Prime tackles this head on by engaging students on real-world projects within the curriculum. Alumni leave Prime with actual client projects in their portfolios and the confidence they can tackle the demands of the job.


Prime was born right here in the midwest's software industry and is focused on helping developers who want to build a career here. Launched in association with powerhouse digital business consultancy Nerdery with feedback and partnership with dozens of local employers hungry for tech talent, Prime leverages these connections to ensure our curriculum keeps up with the rapid changes in our local industry.


Success as a software professional demands a lot more than technical know-how. Prime has become known for its dedication to a human-centered educational philosophy which values communication, collaboration, problem solving and peer interactions as much as technologies and methodologies. Prime graduates fly in the face of industry stereotypes by wielding technology and empathy with equal acumen.

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We’re extremely proud of the strong community at Prime and we love highlighting our culture for prospective students and interested people from the community. If you’re curious about what student life at Prime is like, sign up for a campus tour and see for yourself!

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